Chaplaincy Team

Since September 2020, Woodstock Youth Work Trust has had a formal agreement with The Marlborough CofE School to provide a chaplaincy programme for the school. This work is also supported the Diocese of Oxford.

This programme is headed up by our Youth Worker, Matt Bodinham, who now spends half his time in the school working as the Chaplaincy Team Leader. This role involves liaising with the students, staff, and local churches to build a team of people committed to serving the Christian values within the school.

The vision behind the work is to support all members of the Marlborough CofE School through pastoral presence, mentoring, assemblies, creating space for spiritual exploration, introducing reflection practices, and providing links to the wider community of Woodstock.

As the work continues to grow and develop, we hope that to create different groups, activities, and spaces for students and staff alike. As with all the work that we do at WYWT, we strive to create equal opportunity for everyone, regardless of what point they are at in their spiritual journey. Above all, we endeavour to meet all people where they are at, and provide space for them to continue to develop that aspect of their lives as they see fit.

The work in school is balanced between support staff and students pastorally, creating a safe space for them to open up and share what is going on, and creating opportunities within the school for spiritually and faith to be explored.

If you want more information on opportunities that we offer through the Chaplaincy Team, please get in touch through our “Contact” page.

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