Woodstock Youth Work Trust (WYWT) is a charity in based in Woodstock, Oxfordshire that focuses on bringing Christian youth work to where the kids are at, through the local secondary school, through the churches, and through the community.

WYWT partners with various other groups and organisations in order to see this happen, and to create safe spaces for teenagers in the area to explore their own world view, morals and understanding, as well as their spirituality and faith.

While WYWT is a Christian organisation, the aim is not to help teenagers to just become Christian, but to care for them, provide safe spaces, and facilitate exploring of their own identity and understanding of the world around them.

The Christian ethos is at the heart of the charity, however, and while some groups will have a focus around fun and creating safe spaces for teenagers, some groups will also prioritise a deeper exploration of the Christian faith.

For more information, please check out our “The Story“, “Meet the Team“, or “Donate” pages.

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