Part of the on-going vision for WYWT is to explore how we can be a resource in helping to develop Disciple-Making youth ministry across North Oxfordshire.

We really want to take what we have learnt as a charity, and help apply that to other churches and organisations within the region. Over the years that WYWT has existed, we have gained a lot of experience in building a multi-agency, discipleship-centred youth ministry model that we believe is multipliable.

Part of our on-going vision is to explore how we can be a resource in helping to facilitate Disciple-Making Youth Ministry across North Oxfordshire in ways that capitalise on what we have learnt.

Whether you are a youth worker with 100 young people, or a church volunteer with 1 or 2 young people, we would love to meet with you, hear your story, and help you to continue to see your vision for youth work reached. Even if it does not lead to anything, it is always encouraging to hear what else is happening nearby!

One of the ways that we do this, is through our Encounter services, which are attended by multiple local youth groups in the area.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this vision, or would like to connect with us to explore what this may look like, please reach out through our contact page.

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