We are currently looking for a new Chair of Trustees. If you are interested in hearing more information, please get in touch through our “contact” page.


Ruth Archer- Secretary

Ruth has worked with children all her adult life – in schools, Sunday schools and bringing up her own children.  She is a member of Woodstock Baptist Church (WBC) and has longed for a Christian youth worker in Woodstock for decades and is therefore delighted to be a part of WYWT.  Ruth is also in charge of co-ordinating Sunday School at WBC, as well as being the Designated Person for Safeguarding, and looks forward to bringing this knowledge to WYWT.


Alan Band- Treasurer

Alan’s first job was in the Royal Navy as a Communications Petty Officer, followed by 4 years as a Carpenter (a job he loved) until the building slump in the mid Seventies.  Computers were just starting up at this time and Alan spent the next 30 years in this industry, firstly as a Computer Operator and finally as a Financial System Analyst.  The last 11 years of his (paid) working life was spent as a Business Manager at Cheney School, Headington.  Alan became a Christian in 2015, and is married to his wife, Pat, who have two children together, Dawn and Christopher.  With his experience with the financial side of organisations, Alan agreed to come on board with WYWT as Treasurer.


Chris Wallworth- St Mary Magdalene Parish Church Delegate

Chris represents St Mary Magdalene Parish Church on the board of trustees.  As the son of an Anglican vicar, Christianity and the Church of England is in his DNA.  Chris is a solicitor practising in Oxford, and brings this knowledge and experience in the legal world to help advise WYWT in all such matters.  In his spare time, Chris is also a member of the Rotary Club of Woodstock and Kidlington, and on the PCC at St Mary Magdalene parish church.

Paul Carter- Woodstock Methodist Church Delegate

Paul is the minister of Woodstock Methodist Church and is involved with many different aspects of church life.  Woodstock is Paul’s first placement, along with being the minister for Kidlington, Bladon, and Tackley Methodist Churches.  All of this keeps Paul very busy, but despite this, he is keen to see youth work in and around Woodstock taking place, and is a big supporter of WYWT.

Stephen Wallace- The Marlborough CofE School Delegate

WYWT has a strong link with the local secondary school, the Marlborough CofE School. As part of this relationship, the school is represented by Stephen Wallace, who is a Head of Year at the school. Stephen is a former missionary who lives in Woodstock and works at Marlborough. He serves as our link into the school, and works to provide us with opportunities to be serving there.

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