There are a number of ways that we connect with existing youth activities in our community in order to meet with young people. Here are a few examples of that:

Woodstock Youth Club

We help to support the local youth club on their weekly club night. This involves being present during the session on a Thursday evening, helping to run games, and engaging with the young people that attend.

This has been really helpful as it has allowed us to build relationships with young people that we may not otherwise regularly Encounter, as well as supporting good work in the community.

Churches of Woodstock

WYWT is run as an ecumenical youth work trust that is established by the local secondary school, and the local churches.

With this in mind, we have close links with St Mary Magdalene Church, Woodstock Baptist Church, and Woodstock Methodist as they support the work of WYWT.

As well as each of these churches providing a trustee to help manage WYWT, and represent their church, work with them where possible to help support their individual youth work as a church, and partner with them in different activities and events.

This has been really beneficial, as it has allowed us to plan bigger events, while still maintaining the unique family feel of each individual church setting.

Reign Ministries

We have good links with local youth ministry training organisation, Reign Ministries.

As well as participating in their training programme, Learning Community, we have benefitted from their advice, input, and on-going training, all of which has helped us to continue to shape and develop our continued vision for your ministry.

Gordo Explorer Scouts

Another community group that we help out with is Gordo Explorer Scout Unit, which is based in Kidlington.

This has been really beneficial, as we have, again, been able to support what they are doing, and the young people there.

In response to this, we have had access to a national network of training and resources through the scouting movement, including First Aid training, training in how to plan and lead residential trips, and even training and qualifications for a minibus license.

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