Walking Together. Stepping Out.

Walking Together- Even when it feels like we’re walking alone, there are always those who are on the same journey that we can be in community with.

Stepping Out- We are called to go where God is calling us, and often, be counter-cultural in how we approach others with our faith.

This is the idea behind the Southern Counties Baptist Association (SCBA) pioneers community day that we were invited to attend today at Winchester Baptist Church.  It was an opportunity for the leaders of pioneering movements across the southern counties to come together, pray, worship, and encourage one another.


Some highlights from the day:

  • Arriving and having a name tag with not just my name, but making me an official representative of WYWT- it was one of those small moments that really struck me that we are official!
  • Worshiping God with a room of 65 other people who have all committed to being obedient to God, and reaching out to their communities.
  • Networking with some other people who are doing youth work in schools, and hearing their heart for the next generation.
  • Sharing my vision, and encouraging people looking how to make the next steps with the young people in their church.
  • Praying for the good works of others, and having our labour prayed for.

It is always a blessing to go to events like this, and be encouraged by all the ways that God is working across the UK.  Whether it is with young people, in allotments, or in new residential areas, today was a great reminder that God is doing things not just in Woodstock, but all across the UK.

Thanks to SCBA for putting the day together for us!

Published by Matt

In a paragraph: To help teenagers in Woodstock engage in their own faith journey, realise their true identity in Christ, and become leaders through discipleship and mission in the community, combining work from the school, the local churches, and within the community. In a sentence: To help teenagers in Woodstock realise their true identity in Christ through discipleship and mission, and engage them as disciple-makers. In a word: Reproductive-discipleship.

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