Prayer Spaces


As I’m sure you picked up, a couple of weeks ago we had our Prayer Spaces.  It was a huge success, and couldn’t have been done without everyone’s help and support, so if you’re one of the people that helped it happen: THANK YOU!

If you’re interested in seeing what Prayer Spaces actually looked like, here’s a quick post to give you a run down of the different stations to journey through, and what they were for.

1. Hopes and Dreams



The first station was called “Hopes and Dreams”, were the students were encouraged to write their hopes and dreams onto an acetate, and hang it up from string that was hanging around the room.  The end result was that all their hopes and dreams looked like Nepal Prayer Flags.



2. Our World




“Our World” was an opportunity for the students to reflect on the world around them.  Whether they no people or events that are happening around the world, it provides a space for them to sit, reflect, and pray for the world around that they’re a part of.

3. Forgiveness

“Forgiveness” is  all about letting go of the ways that you’ve been hurt by others in your life.  Whether that was intentional, unintentionally, or even unknown, this station gave the students an opportunity to sit quietly, and listen to an MP3 track that walked them through the process of letting go.

4. Thank You


“Thank You” was the station where students could reflect on all the things that they are thankful for, write it on a post-it and stick it onto the wall in the form of a prayer.




5. Big Questions


What are some of the “Big Questions” that you have?  At this station, the students were invited to think about what questions they have about the world around them, then write it on a piece of cardboard, and hang it up as a way of giving it over to God.

6. Please


The bubble tube was very popular for the students to sit and reflect on the things that were worrying them, or that they wanted to ask for.  Then they wrote their “Please” on a post-it and stuck it onto the bubble tube.

7. Pipe People


“Pipe People” was the station for the students to reflect and pray for the important people in their lives.  As they use a pipe cleaner to make a representation of their significant person, they were encouraged to reflect on what they like about that person, and how they  can go and say thank you to them for that.

8. Sorry Sand


Saying sorry is the other half of forgiveness.  At “Sorry Sand”, students were given the opportunity to write the word ‘sorry’ in the sand, and then wipe it away as a reflection of how when we repent, Jesus wipes away our sins.

All in all, Prayer Spaces was a really good week.  So if you were involved AT ALL in making it happen, or praying for us, then you can rest assured that your name is on our metaphorical “Thank You” wall, and we really are thankful for you!

Watch this space for more updates on some highlights of how Prayer Spaces went.

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